Phidgets are modular devices that simplify the task of gathering data from and providing control to the physical world. We have sensors to measure properties such as temperature, force, and movement; and controllers for motors, displays, and LEDs. They have been used by engineers, computer scientists, and industry professionals for over a decade.


One of the biggest advantages of Phidgets compared to alternatives is how quickly and cleanly you can assemble and disassemble a system. No messing around with solder, breadboards or complicated pinout diagrams.

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  1. Distance DST1001_0
    Distance DST1001_0 Product Code: DST1001_0
    £34.99 £29.16
    Out of stock
  2. PhidgetAdvancedServo 8-Motor
    PhidgetAdvancedServo 8-Motor Product Code: RCC0004_0
    £99.14 £82.62
  3. 2x DC Motor Phidget
    2x DC Motor Phidget Product Code: DCC1003_0
    £69.98 £58.32 As low as £58.78
  4. Control a single DC motor up to 4A with this compact and affordable Phidget DCC1002_0. Connects to a VINT port.
    4A DC Motor Phidget Product Code: DCC1002_0
    £46.66 £38.88 As low as £39.19
  5. Wireless VINT Hub
    Wireless VINT Hub Product Code: HUB5000_0
    £69.98 £58.32 As low as £64.94
  6. Spatial Phidget
    Spatial Phidget Product Code: MOT1101_0
    £34.99 £29.16 As low as £29.39
  7. Accelerometer Phidget
    Accelerometer Phidget Product Code: MOT1100_0
    £23.33 £19.44 As low as £19.60
  8. Light Phidget
    Light Phidget Product Code: LUX1000_0
    £13.99 £11.66 As low as £11.75
  9. Humidity Phidget
    Humidity Phidget Product Code: HUM1000_0
    £23.33 £19.44 As low as £19.60
  10. Touch Wheel Phidget top view
    Touch Wheel Phidget Product Code: HIN1001_0
    £17.50 £14.58 As low as £14.70
  11. Quadrature Encoder Phidget
    Quadrature Encoder Phidget Product Code: ENC1000_0
    £17.50 £14.58 As low as £14.70
  12. 4x Relay Phidget
    4x Relay Phidget Product Code: REL1000_0
    £34.99 £29.16 As low as £31.03
  13. 32x Isolated LED Phidget
    32x Isolated LED Phidget Product Code: LED1000_0
    £58.32 £48.60 As low as £54.12
  14. 7-Port USB Hub
    7-Port USB Hub Product Code: HUB0003_0
    £58.32 £48.60 As low as £48.98
  15. Power Guard Phidget
    Power Guard Phidget Product Code: SAF2000_0
    £11.66 £9.72 As low as £10.45
  16. Programmable Power Guard Phidget
    Programmable Power Guard Phidget Product Code: SAF1000_0
    £110.81 £92.34 As low as £99.29
  17. Stepper Phidget
    Stepper Phidget Product Code: STC1000_0
    £64.15 £53.46 As low as £59.53
  18. 8x Voltage Input Phidget
    8x Voltage Input Phidget Product Code: DAQ1000_0
    £23.33 £19.44 As low as £20.90
  19. Dial Phidget
    Dial Phidget Product Code: HIN1101_0
    £17.50 £14.58 As low as £15.68
  20. VINT Hub Phidget
    VINT Hub Phidget Product Code: HUB0000_0
    £34.99 £29.16 As low as £29.39
  21. 4A Stepper Phidget controller
    4A Stepper Phidget Product Code: STC1003_0
    £46.66 £38.88 As low as £42.28
    Out of stock
  22. 24V/6Kg-cm/3200RPM DC Motor
    24V/6Kg-cm/3200RPM DC Motor Product Code: DCM4005_0
    £79.32 £66.10 As low as £78.13
    Out of stock
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